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The principles of diversity and equality are core to the aim of achievement for all people. Katy and Sparks with Bold Purpose believe that all people should be treated with dignity and respect and afforded equal rights, choices, and privileges.

Katy and Sparks with Bold Purpose support a society with zero tolerance for prejudice, hate, and discrimination. Furthermore, we are committed to the principles and beliefs that we must stand together against all forms of racism, whether structural, institutional, systemic, insidious, or open.

Katy has not only witnessed the atrocities caused by racism, but various injustices have also impacted her. Katy has experienced being racially profiled, given biased medical advice, and has experienced microaggressions as she navigated the education system, to name a few. As a result of these experiences, Katy is committed to fighting against racism and discrimination.

Katy and Sparks with Bold Purpose firmly stand against and condemn the killing and violence of all people; this includes the brutal killing of Black individuals. We support justice, healing, and freedom for all Black and ethnic communities in America and worldwide.

DISCLAIMER:  My views, thoughts, and opinions expressed are my own. They do not represent any beliefs or values of my employer, organizations, committees, and other groups or individuals, which I have been, am now or will be affiliated with.


In Katy's professional role as a Social Worker. Katy consistently demonstrates a strong focus on community engagement, actively collaborating, communicating, and consulting with a diverse range of individuals including inner-city youths, young adults, and senior citizens. Katy's dedication to fostering positive relationships within our community is a testament to her gift of service.

speaking engagements

Motivational speaking and mentoring for inner-city youths, young adults, and seniors

workshops and webinars.

Group facilitator for professional learning, community engagement, and outreach

community planning

Networking and creating avenues towards building up the Boston Community

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