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Katy is well known for connecting communities and closing gaps through her outreach initiatives and partnerships within Boston. A first-generation Haitian-American college graduate. Katy holds an A. S. degree in Criminal Justice and a B.S. degree in Human Services. Katy recently graduated from Boston University’s School of Social Work and pursued a Master’s degree to further her community development mission. Katy is currently a Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW), in Massachusetts.

Katy’s Christian faith has also influenced her commitment to serving communities and reaching underserved populations. Teaming up with various Haitian organizations, Katy has aided in facilitating efforts to empower and further the Haitian diaspora and people of color throughout Boston’s Mattapan, Dorchester, Hyde Park, and Roxbury neighborhoods.

From volunteering at numerous soup kitchens, serving those living in homelessness, organizing various community clean-up projects, and setting up clothing drives. Katy’s passion for community engagement deepens as neighborhoods face a changing economy.

Katy strives to not only impact local communities but worldwide and has launched a platform for providing resources called Sparks with Bold Purpose. As a community service advocate and founder of Sparks with Bold Purpose, this platform will work in conjunction with Katy Kreyòl’s website to provide a uniform space for community aid.

Katy embraces her gift-of-service and shares it with everyone she encounters. Katy is a holistic individual and enjoys reading romance novels, listening to Haitian, Soca, and Gospel music. She spends quality time with her loved ones, traveling, long walks by the beach (LOL), and enjoys art in all forms. If you want to get close to Katy’s heart, invite her to a friends and family gatherings, poetry jam, comedy show, plays, and for bonus points, a Broadway musical.

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In Katy's professional role as a Social Worker. Katy consistently demonstrates a strong focus on community engagement, actively collaborating, communicating, and consulting with a diverse range of individuals including inner-city youths, young adults, and senior citizens. Katy's dedication to fostering positive relationships within our community is a testament to her gift of service.

speaking engagements

Motivational speaking & mentoring for inner city youth, young adults and seniors.

workshops & webinars.

Group facilitator for professional learning and community outreach.

community planning

Networking and creating avenues towards cleaning and building up the
Boston community.