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"Embracing life's challenges, conquering them,
and inspiring others along the way."

Boston Native and first-generation Haitian-American, Katy is a Licensed Certified Social Worker, in Massachusetts. 

An active participant in the Boston community, Katy created this space to blog about her journey through life and share stories about her motivation to serve the community she loves and the faith that carries her forward.

 There’s so much more to Katy and she can’t wait until you get a chance to see all the work she is doing in the community. 

Please keep scrolling and Enjoy! 

living life

with purpose, on purpose!

“I have always felt like there was a calling over my life, but I never could figure out what it was. I was constantly trying to reinvent myself and my self-worth through others’ expectations.

Until one day, I stopped! I recognize now that my present self is my best self. I find joy and peace through my faith, love, and community, and that’s where my callings are at.”

– Katy Kreyòl

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Check out my latest blog post and be inspired by my life’s journey, inner thoughts, prayers, and aspirations….

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"A good book is an event in my life." - Stendhal

Every month we’ll be featuring a new book and holding live discussions. Please take a look at what we are reading now.

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Sparks With Bold Purpose

As the founder of  “Sparks with Bold Purpose,” Katy’s passion for community outreach encourages innovative ideas that would help bridge the generational gap within the Haitian Diaspora through civic engagement and mentoring.

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In Katy's professional role as a Social Worker. Katy consistently demonstrates a strong focus on community engagement, actively collaborating, communicating, and consulting with a diverse range of individuals including inner-city youths, young adults, and senior citizens. Katy's dedication to fostering positive relationships within our community is a testament to her gift of service.

speaking engagements

Motivational speaking & mentoring for inner city youths, young adults and seniors.

workshops & webinars.

Group facilitator for professional learning and community engagement and outreach.

community planning

Networking and creating avenues towards building up the
Boston community.